PisiPalas Cat Pension




This document has been prepared to let the English Speaking foreign community in and around Istanbul have some first hand knowledge about a very special service given to families living with cats, in and around Istanbul.
Ms. Betul has been living with cats, dogs and various kinds of pets in her many houses since her childhood, she also has been a volunteer in every possible event, to save, sterilise and help animals all thru her life.
After noticing how awful the conditions that especially cats are kept at the Vets when their family’s are away, she has decided to provide a special service for her very special friends, namely, CATS.
She named her house as Pisi Palace, considering they are always treated as the real owners’ of the house and began to accept cats as visitors when their families are away, she accepts 5 cats maximum because she has a lot more to take care of at the streets.
The mere essence that adds a privilaged positions to the cats is, they are NOT caged in the house, they are free to do anything to the house and to the people living in, including biting them J  For visitors with differing needs as being at a certain time of the year, there is a big big cage ( house itself ) to give them some privacy and save their self esteem J, but there are always handsome boys and lovely girls in the house, just in case.
Having Cindy, a paralised lady for ages as their family cat, Betul has been an expert in medication and treatments for disabled cats too.
A Vet living very close to the house makes visits to check the community twice a week and he is ready to help within minutes in case of emergency.
The fellows are free to check the garden if the families say Yes to their nite life out, but no matter how old they are, there are some rules and the family has dinner alltogether J
The place they live is a ground floor apartment flat with front and back yards free to use, there are a lot of love to be shared and a lot to explore.  The worst news for the families is, they really like their stay there and they might want to stay more J

Ms.Betul :            0 555 209 7 338